A ransacked children’s room – by Amie Landry

 Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 6.40.38 PM

Amie Landry is an artist/animator on ZPOC and she has been designing the world of ZPOC….

  The theme of this room’s prefab was ransacked. After I decided that I would make the room a child’s room, I thought of what kids would do while their parents ran around collecting what they needed. I pictured the parents explaining to their children what was happening in a very gentle, endearing way. I imagined the parents saying that monsters were coming to their home and eating it up, which is why they had to leave and couldn’t come back. I then thought of how children might relate “monster” to the monsters that haunted the darkest parts of their room. So I placed a box of toys in front of the door leading outside to reflect the innocence of children’s imagination. That a simple box of toys might be able to fend off the monsters and keep their house safe.